Saturday, 25 February 2012

Old lady
at a swimming pool
late at night
a death has occured

Bright green eyes open suddenly waking up from a bad dream. Not knowing where she was, she tries to remember her past.She sees an old lady named francis walking down the street late at night. She sees the neighbours gettting angry waking up because of her high heels making tapping noises. The lady slowly walks through a cemetry and crouches down seeing the name peter griffen a tear streams down her face remembering the night that her husband died 30 years ago.

Shes standing at a pool with her husband Peter and her three grandchildren. They were taking there grandchildren for a swim when peter bent over to talk to Lucy Gemma and Brad. A man in black saw the man leaning over he thought it would be funny to push him in but what he didn't notice was that it was an old man that probably didn't know how to swim. He runs up and gives him a slight nudge. Peter had no time to gasp for air before he knew it his system had taken in a lot of water. Francis screamed but her feet were slow and she could not move fast enough and theat eaxact moment the parents arrived to pick up the kids. She cried peter peter. Her voice became weaker and she fell to the groun in tears her son in law jumped in to save peter he came out with a big gasp from carrying an overweight relaxed body. Francis knew he was dead.

She opened her eyes tears rolling off her face. Francis wanted to take back what happened 30 years ago. She walked to that exact pool by this time it was 5 o clock her legs were weak and she wanted to see peter She walked throgh the heavy glass doors. and sat where she was sitting when she saw peter fall in and slowly sink to the bottom she thought why wasnt i with him?why didn't i jump in and save him? she walked up to the pool put the tips of her old wrinkly fingers in the warm pool. She said to her self come back peter. She jumped in, her heavy clothes pulled her down the lifegaurd jumps in and pulls her self out of the water.

She wakes up and does not know where she is and she then realizes that was me.

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