Friday, 17 February 2012

my holidays

My holidays are not like many others, I don't get much of a holiday. My holidays are only 2 weeeks long. Every day I went to gym for two hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon. My only day off was sunday. While my two weeks off I went to cooks beach for a week. While I was there it rained for 4 days straight but it seemed like forever. It even rained on my birthday new years eve. When it cleared I went to hot water beach whitianga and every morning i went on a 30 minute walk on a mountain. On my last day there it finally cleared up and the sun came out.

But all together I had a good holiday. I also went to the movies shopping rockclimbing and to my friends houses. but I wish the holidays never ended or were a bit longer .But I am glad to be back at school with all my friends.

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  1. Thanks for getting this up.
    You need to go back and fix up things like punctuation and capital letters.