Monday, 11 June 2012

collaborative writingpart3/4

I think to myself why am i following a dog that is so called my gaurdian. I remind myself what Elli has just told me,she said she is not a dog but an angel and she has made it just in time to save me i am still puzzled by what she has just told me. I follow her down a long hall that leads me to a door that is light up. I stay as close behind her as possible as we enter the room is gloomy and dark i see nothing but Ellie's flourescent green eyes that i gaze at for what seems a while .Am i still in paris i think to myself ellie makes a quiet noise which eqhoes mmmm.I think, am i in a dream Ellie automatically says no!! i keep following her bright green eyes . why is she making me follow her i think forgetting she can read my mind. She says i have been sent to save you . th esame thought runs through my mindA suicide note sealed in plastic bag with rock inside to keep it from blowing away. Check.A pistol, loaded. Check .A cell phone. Check. An empty backpack. check.

I see a light coming from the end of the room ithink will i ever get out of here .


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